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Relief Publishing

Who I Am

I was fortunate enough to have a computer in my home while growing up even though they hadn’t been out on the market for long. From the silly games on the Commodore 64 to the fantastic programs on the Mac, they intrigued me to no end. From that time to now the computer has always been an extension of me.

What I Do

Right out of high school my first job was as a desktop publisher where I enjoyed learning the processes of a high speed print shop. I discovered I already knew much of the skills needed to produce an appealing page, and was able to add to these skills rapidly. I’ve been learning ever since.

As the internet quickly became a prominent media center, I have been blessed with the incredible opportunity to learn about web site development.

Why I Do It

I love to organize on the computer the way most people like to breathe. This gives my finished products not only functionality but aesthetic beauty.